Monday, April 28, 2014

Seefer Elliot and the Darkness Within

On May 6th, I will be releasing Seefer Elliot and the Darkness Within. The sequel to The World Aside Ours has been the labor of love over the last year. When I published my first book last January, I felt very satisfied with the effort. I wrote the book with little plans to expand on the small universe I built. As time went by, ideas kept popping into my head for further adventures of the boy that would save the world. Thus, my hunger to pick up the pen continued.

The Darkness Within follows Seefer Elliot during the months following the alien attack on his school. Investigators are suspicious of Seefer as reports of his powers and feats begin to build. Meanwhile, a new threat hunts the boy the Omegans call "Cepheus."

I am very excited to show off the book trailer for this second edition. Please check it out and consider picking up a copy of The Darkness Within on May 6th.



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Cover for Seefer Elliot #1

With the release of Seefer Elliot #2 fastly approaching, it was time to bring the first book’s cover in line with the new cover format. The digital painting illustration is more in line with many middle-grade novels. I liked the old look, but I can see how it would have come off as slightly young for readers who are trying to identify with older material.



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