Sunday, October 21, 2012

Illustrating a Kid's Book

I finished my read-through of my Seefer Elliot novel. Before I engage myself into the re-edit, I thought it would be a good idea to distance myself from the project a little. This way I can go back to it with a fresher mind.

I was approached to illustrate a children's book about the joys of being a one-year-old. The book isn't titled yet, but it will contain many pictures drawn to four line paragraphs of rhyme. It's geared toward toddlers.

My experience drawing cartoons will come in handy. The book needs to be colorful and fetching. I'm looking for a palette rich with a few primary colors.

This is going to be the perfect project to take on because it will be using an entirely different part of my brain. After months of laboring over word selection and usage, it will be a relief to draw worthwhile pictures. I'll be sure to update on how the book is panning out.

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